Talking Trash: Rehoboth Beach Tweaks Waste Collection, Recycling Services


Rehoboth Beach is making a few changes in how it handles waste pickup and recycling services.

The revisions concern the size and model of the container that’s used by residents. Revisions are also being made to the schedule of pick-ups, including for yard waste which will be every other Wednesday.

Rehoboth Beach commissioners also said bills will go out on a quarterly basis rather than an annual basis.

Discussion involving a fee structure will take place when commissioners meet for a workshop session December 6th.

The definition of a proper waste container has been amended so that it “must be made of reusable, rigid plastic and have a metal bar that makes them compatible with the tipper mechanism on city refuse trucks.” That change becomes effective July 1st, 2022. Tippable waste containers may be purchased from retailers, or 95-gallon logoed containers will be available from the City. Rehoboth Beach also plans to offer smaller waste containers in the future.

Effective January 1st, Rehoboth Beach will be:

  • ending twice-a-week pickup at the end of October rather than the end of November; however, the city will provide refuse pickup on the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • scheduling yard waste pickup on every other Wednesday (rather than on the first, third, and fifth Wednesdays) to coincide with every-other-week recycling pickup
  • consolidating seasonal weekly loose leaf service so that pickup takes place on the southside of Rehoboth on Thursdays and the northside on Fridays.

Beginning July 1, residents will receive a consolidated quarterly utility bill for water, wastewater, and refuse services. Finally, the fee for optional yard waste containers was changed to match the price charged to the city for the containers, which currently is $70.