Teen Charged as Adult after Weapons Complaint in Ocean City


Ocean City Police were called to a motel in the area of 20th Street for a weapons complaint. Police learned that during an argument – the suspect, who is known to them, pointed a handgun at them. They were able to calm the suspect and he left the room, but continued to threaten them and bang on the door before finally leaving. Police the suspect, a 17 year old from Stevensville, driving with no headlights on near Dolphin Street and Coastal Highway and conducted a high-risk traffic stop.

Officers located a loaded pellet gun inside the vehicle along with a fixed-blade knife. The pellet gun matched the description the victims gave officers. Officers noted that the pellet gun resembled a real revolver handgun, and there were no orange safety markings to identify it as a replica handgun clearly. Officers also stated that the suspect appeared to be intoxicated.

In the State of Maryland, a juvenile can be waived to adult status (charged as an adult) if they are being accused of specific crimes such as first-degree assault and handgun charges while also meeting the age requirements.

The teen is charged with multiple offenses:

  • first-degree assault
  • two counts of second-degree assault
  • concealed deadly weapon
  • gun replica-wear
  • carry
  • conceal
  • multiple traffic citations
  • driving under the influence

The teen was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and is being held at the Worcester County Jail without bond.