The 152nd Delaware General Assembly is in Session


Delaware lawmakers returned to Dover Tuesday. The first rule of business was swearing in all the newly elected and re-elected members of the General Assembly. The State House has re-elected Pete Schwartzkopf as the Speaker of the House. And the House has set the rules of procedure for ethics violations. The State Senate has also enacted the Rules of the Senate for the 152nd General Assembly and elected David Sokola as the President Pro Tempore.

Several pieces of legislation have also been introduced – including SB 26 (sponsored by State Senator Bryant Richardson) which is the second leg of a constitutional amendment that would update the minimum voting age in the Delaware Constitution from 21 to 18. The first leg was SB 294 of the 151st General Assembly which was passed on June 30, 2022. The second leg must pass in the 152nd General Assembly for this to become part of the Constitution.

In Maryland, lawmakers return to Annapolis today.