The Aquatic Dream Coat Movie Premieres in Dewey!

As many as 90 people gathered at the Dewey Beach home of Yvette and Todd Severn this past Saturday night to view The Aquatic Dream Coat, probably the first movie ever shot entirely on location in Dewey and Rehoboth. It had all the look, feel and excitement of a Hollywood premiere. But this wasn’t Hollywood. It was Dewey Beach, on Memorial Day Weekend. Not only was it shot on location with great effort, it features local characters (at least summer residents) who star in and helped produce the film. The local photography is phenomenal.

“Last summer the kids were sitting around doing nothing,” Todd recalls, “they wanted to play video games.” But he had more constructive ideas for the youngsters. “Guys, you’re at the beach,” he remembers telling them. “You ought to do something fun!”

One of his sons had just purchased a “crazy coat” from the Good Will. “He paid five bucks for it,” Todd said, adding that his sons and their friends were “all making fun of it” and were “going to wear it on the boardwalk to pickup girls.”

But Todd had a plan… He suggested they make a movie using the coat. “That weekend,” he recalled, “I drove home, back to Baltimore. On the way home, I just wrote the script in my head. I was home alone, got on the computer, typed up a script, came back to the beach, dropped the scripts on their laps and said, ‘guys, you’re making a movie!'”

They spent weeks last summer shooting the movie and spent the winter editing the project. The 30-minute movie is professionally edited by them and features creative local photography. The film could pass as a professional production, so much so that it is hard to believe this was their first production.

They pushed their skills to the limit in a constructive group project which they have just released on YouTube for public enjoyment.

The actors are mostly Dewey regulars who come from the Baltimore area. Kolia Malizia, on the left, wears the “dream coat.” Next to him is Beau Severn, the film’s producer and editor, Tyler Judd, the chief production manager, Nick Erni, Hank Severn and Todd Severn.

“We plan to make a sequel of the dream coat for 2019 or we will come up with an entire new plot and script,” Todd says. “But we will make a movie this summer, somewhere in Dewey-Rehoboth. And we will do the same thing for Memorial Day Weekend 2019!”