The Return of Punkin’ Chunkin’ – Needs Your Help!


It’s been 2 years since pumpkins officially flew in Sussex County but according to the Punkin’ Chunkin’ website the board remains committed and the membership is still intact.  As far as the litigation after the 2016 incident – the case has been resolved with no admission or finding of liability on the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Association’s part.  There was an officially sanctioned chunk in Aurora, Colorado last year – and their participants, champions and new record holders will be recognized.  For Punkin’ Chunkin’ to return to Sussex County – they need land – a minimum of 600 acres if possible, but according to their website – if they can’t stay in Sussex County – they want to become an Eastern Shore tradition – benefiting from laws in Maryland and Virginia for non-profits.  Your help is needed- go to