This is National EMS Week

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This week is National EMS Week which was established by presidential proclamation in 1973. This year presents a timely opportunity to recognize the EMTs and Paramedics who have been and continue to serve on the front lines of our nation’s war on the COVID-19. A number of them have contracted COVID-19 and even more have had to self-quarantine away from their families after having been exposed to the coronavirus.

EMS is a vital element of our nation’s health care, public health, and public safety systems. Every day, 24/7, in every community, EMS responds to patient calls for help when they have had an accident or are experiencing a medical emergency. EMS along with their partners in the Fire Service and Law Enforcement are an integral component of this state’s first response to a public health crises. They are truly our first responders.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to our EMTs and Paramedics who have served with courage and dedication during this pandemic. This week, during EMS week, is a perfect time to say thank you and salute them,” said Norman “Jay” Jones the President of the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association.