Three Arrested on Firearm & Drug Charges in Pocomoke


An investigation into firearms and drugs by the Worcester County Sheriff’s office ended with the arrest of three Pocomoke residents. Search warrants were authorized for two residences – on Short Street and Bonneville Avenue. Members of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Enforcement Team were assisted during the execution of these two search and seizure warrants by the Ocean City Police Department and the Pocomoke City Police Department.

Police seized four handguns, one that was converted to fully automatic and one AR style rifle that was reported stolen during a local residential burglary, 15 grams of cocaine and 3.5 grams of crack cocaine.

Officers arrested 21 year olds Jael Ghent and Maquis Moore who are being held without bond and 20 year old Naji Hassan El who is being held on a $7500 bond.