Tiny Homes Considered For Homeless Shelter In Sussex Co.


A non-profit will seek approvals and permits for its proposal to create temporary sleeping quarters for homeless people, including children.

The cabins are manufactured by a company in Washington State. The Springboard Collaborative is working with Conley’s Church in the Lewes-Angola area, which said it has sufficient space on its property, and is looking for a location within Georgetown.

T.S.C. Director Judson Malone told WGMD News that they also plan to take security measures, and hope to offer support services for the homeless.

“This provides a place where they can be safe and secure and start to address their basic needs and from there try to figure out, okay, how can we move out of here into permanent housing?” Malone said.

Malone said the units are designed to be quickly built, and showers and laundry facilities would be available close by onsite. Meals would also be served at a community building. Malone also said guests would be subject to rules of conduct and would be free to leave at any time but would be told not to loiter in surrounding neighborhoods.

“The whole approach is to lift them out of the dire situation that they’re in, give them a place to get stabilized, give them the support services they need, and hopefully they can then plan how to move from there,” Malone said.

According to Conley’s Church Pastor Bill Davis, “there is a need for this type of housing in the area, and Conley’s Church has enough acreage to allow the buildings to be placed a good distance from the church buildings and far from any existing residential areas.”

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