UPDATED: Tis the Season – Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Our Hardworking Intern Afford Additional Education


Julia in the main studio at WGMD

UPDATED: By the end of the weekend, Julia was able to file her paperwork for her enrollment fee! Thanks to everyone who’s helping Julia achieve her dream!


Julia Hardy has been interning at WGMD for several months now. She’s been working with Walt Palmer learning the ropes of radio, but her real dream lies towards the music industry. She has the chance for higher education – but most internships are unpaid – and she needs a little help in the funding department – $1100 for her enrollment fee. And she needs it fast! Her enrollment deadline is MONDAY!! If you can donate a few dollars to her Go Fund Me – all of us at WGMD – and Julia – will be grateful! Read more about Julia’s goals – CLICK HERE FOR JULIA’S GO FUND ME PAGE