Toddler Found Wandering Alone in South Rehoboth


Lost children are not unusual in Rehoboth Beach, but what is unusual is to find one, especially a toddler, wandering the back streets alone before 7 a.m.

That is what happened this past Tuesday. A concerned citizen was out for a walk, says Lt. William Sullivan, when they found the 2-year-old boy in the area of Scarborough Avenue and Rodney Street around 6:55 a.m. He was wearing pajamas and holding a toy while wandering along the sidewalk.

Police tried to get some clues from the boy, but other than maybe a first name, they were not getting any useful info. So, Lt. Sullivan says he “brought the child back to the police department… while the other officers on the shift checked the area for the parents.”

For about an hour, the officers looked for likely homes with toys in the yard or parents in distress.

Eventually, Lt. Sullivan says, police found the aunt and the mother who noticed him missing after someone left the door to the residence — in the third block of Hickman Street — open.

“His mom and aunt came to pick him up at the police department,” he added. No charges were filed.