TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Snow Covered Lights in OC Difficult to See


Iced over traffic lights in Ocean City, MD

Winter Storm Kenan has brought wintry weather to the resort area, with strong winds and snow covering the sand and roads in Ocean City.

A travel advisory is being issued to alert motorists that the southbound traffic lights on Coastal Highway are currently snow-covered. The snow has reduced the visibility for drivers to tell which color the lights are. When you approach an intersection with a nonfunctioning/nonvisible traffic light, you must stop before proceeding through the intersection. You should treat the intersection as a four-way stop. Please use additional caution and move over, as crews work to remove the snow from the traffic lights.

The Ocean City Public Works Department is working diligently to clear roadways and parking lots, however; citizens are encouraged to limit travel.  If it is essential to travel, drivers should use extra caution and reduce speed if they must be on the road. In addition, the Department of Public Works is encouraging residents to avoid parking on streets until cleanup is complete.