Troubling Dolphin Deaths


Suzanne Thurman of the MERR Institute says her organization has investigated five dolphin deaths in the past few days. Four were calves and one was a sub-adult.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol guards found this one around 7 a.m. off Queen Street on Saturday.

Photo courtesy Capt. Jeffrey Giles, Rehoboth Beach Patrol

The others were found at Broadkill, Lewes, Cape Henlopen and Dewey. She said they are planning a necropsy on one of the calves this week. The cause of death for most of them has not been determined; however, this one from Dewey Beach on Sunday appeared to have been caught in a fishing net, she said.

After MERR conducted its examination, lifeguards buried it on the beach near the dunes.

Photos courtesy Capt. Todd Fritchman, Dewey Beach Patrol

We will follow up with MERR if additional info becomes available.