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In the 9:00 Hour
Should President Trump be criticized for his handling of the summit with Vladimir Putin or was his approach a businessman’s approach – something that has never been attempted before?

Who are the Democrats and Republicans criticizing President Trump? Are those screaming treason his supporters or are they swamp dwellers? Do you remember that President Obama used your tax dollars to meddle in Israel’s election back in 2016.

In the 10:00 Hour
Representative Rich Collins will join us in the 10:00 hour to discuss the latest in Delaware state government news. A non-licensed driver, with 4 previous DUI’s was arrested on suspicion of his 5th DUI in Millsboro on Sunday. Should we be revisiting this issue in the next legislative session?

In the 11:00 Hour
New York Socialist, Democrat Congressional candidate Andrea Ocasio Cortez opened mouth and inserted foot in a PBS interview – claiming that Israel is an occupier of Palestine. Uh oh – does this mean that she is no longer the poster child for the 21st Century Democrat? Why do those of the Jewish faith stand by Dem’s when they do not support Israel? We will get your take.

San Francisco wants to tax businesses (much in the way that Seattle did) to pay for the homeless. The only problem is when Jeff Bezos objected, Seattle quickly rescinded the law. It was liberal politicians in San Francisco that has caused their homeless crisis – now they want businesses to pay. That means you and I will pay in the long run.

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