Turquoise Takeover Week for Lung Cancer Awareness


Miles the Monster at Dover Motor Speedway / Photo courtesy ALA

Several Delaware landmarks will turn Turquoise this week as the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative celebrates Turquoise Takeover Week.

While lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths among both women and men, the five-year survival rate – the percentage of people who are still alive five years after being diagnosed – increased by a dramatic 33% in the past ten years. Here in Delaware, it is estimated that 910 people will be diagnosed in 2022 alone.

You’ll see the illumination this week at the AAA Building, Wilmington, May 8-14; AstraZeneca, Newark, May 8-14; Dover Motor Speedway, Monster Monument, May 8-14; Indian River Inlet Bridge (Charles W. Cullen Bridge) May 8-14; Rehoboth City Hall, May 8-14 – and just tonight – Legislative Hall, Dover, May 9 and the Rehoboth Bandstand, May 9.