Twenty-five Semifinalists Announced for Honor of Wicomico Teacher of the Year


Twenty-five educators from Wicomico County Public Schools have been named semifinalists for Wicomico Teacher of the Year, and have been celebrated in their schools. They now begin the extensive judging process that will lead to the naming of the next Wicomico Teacher of the Year this spring. Semifinalists will participate in a scored Fishbowl public speaking event on Monday, Jan. 29th, with judges from the school system and community. In February, the semifinalists will submit a written prompt packet and will sit for an interview with a blue ribbon panel of judges. Scores from these three activities will determine who will become the next Wicomico Teacher of the Year.

Semifinalists for 2024-2025 Wicomico Teacher of the Year:

  • Beaver Run Elementary: Kristen Eck-Sweigert, Kindergarten
  • Bennett Middle: Amy Davidson, 7th Grade Social Studies
  • Charles H. Chipman Elementary: Jennifer Hare, Prekindergarten 4
  • Delmar Elementary: Amanda Taylor, 4th Grade
  • East Salisbury Elementary: Montine Garcia-Miller, Special Education
  • Fruitland Intermediate: Megan Franco, 4th Grade
  • Fruitland Primary: Linda Stanley, Kindergarten
  • Glen Avenue Elementary: Lyndsay Greenan, 2nd Grade
  • James M. Bennett High: Jared Cooper, Physics
  • Mardela Middle & High: Kelly Wells, Math
  • North Salisbury Elementary: Donna Gregory, 5th Grade
  • Northwestern Elementary: Melissa Hileman, 5th Grade
  • Parkside High: Tammy Donaway, 9th Grade English
  • Pemberton Elementary: Vanessa Stein, Reading Specialist
  • Pinehurst Elementary: Ashlie Webster, 2nd Grade
  • Pittsville Elementary & Middle: Lindsay Smack, Physical Education & Health
  • Prince Street Elementary: Meredyth Croteau, Math Intervention
  • Salisbury Middle: Rachel Thompson, Math 
  • West Salisbury Elementary: Dr. Harlan Eagle, Physical Education & Health
  • Westside Intermediate: Theresa DeLizza, 3rd Grade
  • Westside Primary: Mary Hammond, Prekindergarten
  • Wicomico High: Tangela Ames-Parker, Business Education
  • Wicomico Middle: Debbie Reynolds, 7th Grade World History
  • Willards Elementary: Lauren Hudson, Kindergarten
  • Special Programs: Beth Kaplan Wolff, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). She is a teacher at the English Language Support Center.