Two Arrested for Theft, False Imprisonment, and Property Damage in Walmart Parking Lot


Easton Police have arrested two individuals for theft, malicious destruction of property, and false imprisonment. Police arrested 21-year-old Jacob William Cook of Easton on two Talbot County arrest warrants as well as 18-year-old Joshua Shane Grimes of Hurlock on an additional two county arrest warrants. Police say the warrants stem from an incident on January 14th at Walmart on Elliot Road where two victims–the driver and passenger in a vehicle– were prevented from leaving the parking lot. According to Easton Police, Cook and Grimes blocked the victims detained, the vehicle’s driver’s side mirror was broken off and stolen, and an additional juvenile unsuccessfully attempted to break off the passenger-side mirror. On the date of this incident, following an investigation, Easton Police referred the girl to the Department of Juvenile Services for her role in this incident. Following the victim applying for Peace Orders and Criminal Charges, arrest warrants were issued for Cook and Grimes. Following their arrests, they were transported to the Talbot County Detention Center, and left in their custody.