Bump stock ban passes through the DE House of Representatives


Two gun bills pass the Delaware House of Representatives yesterday. The first bill increases the first time penalty for straw purchases, which is basically shoulder-tapping for firearms instead of booze. The bill unanimously passed the House and would increase the maximum penalty for straw purchases from three years to five years behind bars.

The second bill would ban bump stocks and trigger cranks, making possession of such items a felony. It passed by a vote of 25 – 3 with Rep. Steve Smyk and two Democrats voting against it. A majority of House Republicans did not vote on the bill. If it passes the State Senate, anyone with a bump stock or trigger crank will have to relinquish them to a Delaware Law enforcement agency. There is no grandfather clause in the legislation and the law specifically ensures owners of bump stocks or trigger cranks will not be compensated for turning in the equipment.