Two Women Arrested for Robbery in Blades

Image courtesy DSP

Delaware State Police were called to Concord Road in Blades last week for a robbery.  Police met with a 50 year old man who said that two women came to his home demanding money.  He said he knew one of the suspects, 30 year old Nicole Griffith of Laurel, who continued to ask for money – claiming she was the mother o one of his children.  The women sprayed him in the eyes with a chemical and struck him.  Then one of the women took his wallet from his pants pocket.  The victim was treated for burning and swelling around his eyes.  The second suspect was identified as 24 year old Jamie Hawkins of Seaford.  Both were arrested Thursday morning at the sunrise Motel in Seaford.  Both are charged with robbery, assault, theft and other offenses and are each being held at the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in default of over $63,000 cash only bond.