U.S. Senator Tom Carper named to President Biden’s National Advisory Board

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U.S. Senator Tom Carper was named to the National Advisory Board for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. The National Advisory Board is a select group of national Democratic leaders who will serve as the primary surrogates for the Democratic National Committee and Biden-Harris campaign in 2023 and 2024. Last month, Senator Carper endorsed Joe Biden as he launched his re-election campaign.

Senator Carper’s Statement:

“I’m excited to join President Biden’s national advisory board to stand beside my good friend Joe throughout his re-election campaign. Since they took office, President Biden and Vice President Harris have been fighting for everyday Americans and to protect our freedoms,” said Senator Tom Carper. “President Biden ran for the presidency in 2020 because he believed that we were in a battle for the soul of this nation and we still are. I encourage all Delawareans to join me in supporting the Biden-Harris campaign so we can all come together to help Joe and Kamala finish the job.” 

“The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher,” said President Joe Biden. “Our freedom and democracy are on the line. I’m grateful to this group of diverse and dynamic leaders who will help us win the battle for the soul of America and finish the job for the American people.”