Unemployment Fraud Scheme Targets Several Md. Government Officials


The State of Maryland has uncovered an unemployment insurance fraud scheme.

According to Governor Larry Hogan, he was among high-ranking state government officials who were targeted. Attempts to file fraudulent claims using stolen identities were blocked once detected.

Maryland State Police and the U.S. Labor Department Office of Inspector General are investigating. Hogan said the state’s ability to block fraudulent unemployment claims have saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

“This latest fraud scheme only reinforces the need to maintain the heightened security measures in place to protect Marylanders and the integrity of the state’s program,” Maryland Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson said. “We are working closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure that all of these criminals are brought to justice.”

“We have been more aggressive than any state in going after the rampant fraud that is targeting unemployment insurance systems nationwide,” Hogan added. “The vast majority of claims we have flagged have been confirmed as fraudulent, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. This is another example of how this kind of fraud can happen to anyone, and we need to remain vigilant.”