Unhealthy Air Quality–in the Red Zone Today in Delaware; Improvements Projected for This Weekend


Smoke from wildfires in Canada is causing poor air quality in several regions of the United States. Angela Marconi, director of the DNREC Division of Air Quality tells the Talk of Delmarva that they have been seeing PM–particulate matter– levels in the red zone in Delaware…

She says they recommend limiting both time outdoors as well as strenuous activity.

Marconi also tells the Talk of Delmarva about the segments of the population that are more sensitive to particulate matter in the air…

The forecast for Delaware is that the particulate matter levels will be in the red zone today, which is unhealthy for everyone. You can find additional information including regular air quality forecasts on DNREC’s website at De.gov/aqi.

DNREC’s Division of Air Quality works with forecasters who look at the meteorology and predict what they will be seeing…

Marconi says when the PM level is in the red zone, the air is considered unhealthy for everyone, so they recommend you limit strenuous activity and also time spent outside. It is advisable for people to wear a high quality mask (such as an N95) outside as well.

DNREC also encourages Delawareans to sign up for air quality alerts at de.gov/aqi. In addition, EPA’s AirNow.gov site offers daily AQI forecasts and real-time conditions across the United States, with interactive maps to more detailed state and county air quality information.