UPDATE: Department of Labor Unemployment Claims for Independent Contractors


The Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) stated this week that they expect their new system for accepting unemployment benefit applications from sole proprietors/independent contractors to be ready by the week of May 11th.

The department has been delayed in issuing the federal $600 unemployment benefit approved under the CARES Act because it had to work with a vendor in designing and testing new technologies that would be integrated with DOL’s existing benefit claims system. Once the new system is in place, DOL can begin processing independent contractors’ claims.
DOL has stated that the target date for the new system “to go live” is the week of May 11th.

To be notified when the application for benefits is available for self-employed individuals and independent contractors in Delaware, text uifacts to 555888.
As a reminder, once the system is ready to receive applications from those who are self-employed or are independent contractors, DOL will require specific documentation available at the time you submit your application online. The documents you will need are as follows:

  • Driver license or State issued Identification
  • Your last year’s income tax statement or quarterly earnings statement
  • State of Delaware Business License number
  • Current bank account number and routing number