Update: GOP Releases Delaware Rescue Plan At Weekend In Rehoboth Beach


The Delaware Republican Convention in Rehoboth Beach has resulted in the unanimous endorsements of four statewide candidates, as well as introduction of The Delaware Rescue Plan.
Lee Murphy has again won the support of GOP delegates to take on Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. Also endorsed are Julianne Murray for Attorney General, Greg Coverdale for State Treasurer and Janice Lorrah for Delaware State Auditor.
Party leaders also said their Delaware Rescue Plan addresses a range of problems that face The First State – the economy, public safety, healthcare, education, and taxes are among them.

“These principles, ideas, and legislative proposals are documented in a 20-page plan that was developed with the input of our Republican elected officials, current and former Republican candidates, our Republican Regional Committees, our State Party Chair, and many others”, Delaware Republican Party Chair Jane Brady said. “We believe the proposals in this document are supported by most Delawareans across all party lines and will lead to a better quality of life for everyone living in our State. Together, they comprise our values and objectives.”

“We needed to make it clear that the Republican Party will lead Delaware in a very different direction, which will help all Delawareans,” Brady added.