Update: OC Police Announce 275+ Arrests Over Pop-Up Weekend


Ocean City Police are tallying up the arrests and other actions taken during four days of a pop-up, unsanctioned vehicle rally.
Police report making more than 275 arrests between Thursday and late Sunday…. more than double during the same weekend of 2019. More than 340 vehicles were also towed.
Arrests were made for a variety of offenses in connection with the rally. 127 of the arrests took place Saturday.
The town had been planning for the event for months. Special Event Zone provisions increased the penalties for a towed vehicle and resulted in reduced speed limits on Coastal Highway. Police at times also re-routed traffic.
Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies and Maryland State Troopers worked with Ocean City Police in trying to maintain order.

Statistics below were provided Monday morning by the Town of Ocean City (CFS is Calls For Service)

The havoc caused by the weekend pop-up, unsanctioned vehicle rally in Ocean City draws thanks for law enforcement but also calls for further action from State Senator Mary Beth Carozza. The special events zone law which includes such charges as ‘exhibition driving,’ enhanced towing fines, traffic restrictions and other methods provided law enforcement with an extra tool. “I join with thousands of local residents and business operators to express deep, heartfelt and sincere appreciation and prayers of thanks for all that law enforcement, fire, emergency management, dispatchers, public works and city employees have been doing to keep Ocean City and our home community safe,” Carozza said. “This has been a very difficult week for Ocean City. As Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro stated, ‘…the majority of these visitors are NOT car enthusiasts. They are here to disrupt, destroy and disrespect our community and our law enforcement.’”
Carozza says she looks forward to hearing the assessment of law enforcement leaders about the weekend and to considering any specific recommendations. She also backs Delegate Wayne Hartman’s proposal to classify attacks against law enforcement officers as a hate crime.