UPDATED: EF0 Tornado Confirmed Near Dagsboro Monday Afternoon


UPDATED – 3pm – Earlier today the National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado moved through the Dagsboro area Monday afternoon. They have finished their assessment of the storm and say that it was and EF0 tornado with estimated peak winds of 85mph. Officials believe the tornado lasted about 2 minutes and covered about 7-tenths of a mile and a path that was about 370 yards at its widest – leaving behind damage to multiple structures and numerous large trees uprooted.

The National Weather Service says the tornado began along Adams Road just east of Dagsboro where damage to multiple structures and trees was observed. A shed in a backyard of a home on Adams Road had partial roof and wall collapse, and an additional larger and more structurally sound shed just feet from the first one was shifted off of its foundation, had the door blown off, and had partial roof collapse.

Damage to three homes along Adams Road was noted with glass windows blown out and partial siding and shingle loss. Numerous large softwood trees were uprooted along the wood line behind the homes on Adams Road along and had large branches snapped off of the trunks.

Further south on Adams Road, very close to the intersection of Tingle Lane, minor loss of siding was noted on a home as well as some more tree and limb damage. This is likely where the tornado reached its maximum width of around 370 yards.

The tornado then continued a short distance down Piney Neck Road to near the intersection of Wild Goose Way where another softwood tree was uprooted in the backyard of a home. The tornado likely occluded at this point and lifted as no further damage was found further downstream.

The National Weather Service would like to thank Sussex County Emergency Management Agency, local Skywarn spotter coordinators, and the public for their assistance with this survey.


UPDATED – 11:45am: National Weather service has confirmed that a tornado did occur near Dagsboro Monday afternoon. They are still looking at data and will have a final assessment by 4pm today. (http://www.weather.gov/phi )

Mother Nature brought some bumpy weather to Sussex County Monday afternoon – including winds that uprooted trees, damaged roofs and some outbuildings in the Dagsboro area. According to the National Weather Service there were reports of damage in the Piney Neck Road area in the area of Adams Road and Marinas at Peppers Creek.