Verizon Wireless Phone Scam Returns – Be on the Lookout!


A Verizon phone scam that popped up two years ago is back.  If you are a Verizon Wireless customer – beware of someone calling who claims to be a Verizon representative.  The “representative” tells the customer that his/her phone has been infected with a virus and they need to take the phone down for repairs.  They’ll then ask for the customer’s Verizon PIN—as well as the last four digits of that customer’s social security number.

After complying with the requests, a recent victim of this con later discovered thousands of dollars in unauthorized account charges. Remember—NEVER give sensitive information out over the phone to any unsolicited caller.

If you receive a strange call from someone claiming to represent Verizon Wireless—or any such company—hang up and contact the company directly at a number you know to be correct to verify your account information and any potential issues.