VIDEO : AG Jennings Outlines Legislative Priorities


Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings has listed her legislative priorities for the General Assembly session, several of which focus around firearms.

Jennings supports a required permit to purchase a gun and a ban on what are known as assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Jennings would also like to see regulation of homemade gun kits.

The Attorney General, who was elected in 2018, also seeks and end to cash bail and what she called excessive court fines and fees. She also backs funding to equip every police officer in Delaware with a body camera.

“I know what we’re capable of in 2021, because I know what we accomplished together in the last two years,” Jennings said. “We’ve made real progress, from historic criminal justice reforms, to reducing Delaware’s prison population, to major victories in the courts. But our work isn’t over. All of these priorities are common sense policies that everyone should be able to get behind. Together, we can get it done – so let’s get to work.”