VIDEO | Gov. Hogan Address Law Enforcement Groups In Ocean City


Governor Larry Hogan returned to Ocean City and the Eastern Shore Monday, beginning the day with an address at the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association and Maryland Sheriff’s Association in Ocean City.

The session came three days after Hogan released a $150-million “re-fund the police” initiative. Hogan said Friday that defunding police to try to reduce crime is “dangerous, radical, far-left lunacy.” House Speaker Adrienne Jones said Hogan was out of line with his remarks.

Hogan stood by his remarks during an interview with WGMD’s Mike Bradley, He also said the package would help police departments such as Ocean City meet expenses such as police body-worn cameras and additional training such as de-escalation.

Monday during his address, Hogan said:

“Our state and our nation owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of you, and to all the brave, proud members of the Thin Blue Line who run toward the danger and adversity when others run away. I want every single one of you to know—especially in today’s environment, when far too often our law enforcement officers are unfairly criticized and don’t get the appreciation or the recognition that you deserve—that you will continue to have my full support, that I will continue to have your back, and that I will continue to proudly stand with each and every one of you.”

Hogan is expected to announce more initiatives in the coming weeks to further support law enforcement, hold violent criminals accountable, and to increase accountability for prosecutors and judges.