Vote-by-Mail Legislation Gets Final Approval in Del. General Assembly


Delawareans will be able to vote by mail, if they choose to do so and request a ballot, under legislation that’s been given final approval by the Delaware General Assembly (Senate Bill 320).
Voters would send back the application, either online or by mail, and would receive a ballot that could be mailed, deposited in a secure drop box or brought to the Department of Elections in either county.
Voters would be able to track the status of their ballot online.
A committee appointed by the State Election Commissioner, comprised of Democrats and Republicans, would be responsible for opening mail ballots, checking them against the Department’s list of voters, and counting them by election district.

“Since the 1980s, more and more states have passed laws allowing their residents to vote by mail for any reason, and these methods have been implemented successfully,” State Representative Krista Griffith, D-North Wilmington – Greenville – Hockessin said. “Democracy functions best when everyone has the opportunity to participate in it. But today’s world is hectic, between work, family obligations, illness or unexpected emergencies. Allowing all residents the option to vote by mail will provide them with a safe, convenient way to have their voice heard.”

“A democratic government that truly works for the people should do everything in its power to make voting accessible,” State Senator Kyle Evans Gay, D-Talleyville said. “Delaware proved in 2020 that mail balloting is safe, secure, feasible and an effective avenue for expanding voter participation. I want to thank my colleagues in the House for supporting working families, seniors, and Delawareans concerned for their health with a vote-by-mail option as we head into the next election cycle.”
The measure awaits Governor John Carney’s signature.