Voters Approve Capital School District Funding Referendum


On Tuesday evening, the returns came in for the Capital School District referendum on increasing the current operating expenses. the referendum passed.

The three ballot questions were in regard to adding two new interconnected middle schools, adding necessary enhancements and preparing Central Elementary School and adding to the operating revenue. Capital School District Board of Education President John C. Martin lobbied for the ballot measures, saying “we hope that you will go out and vote” and “we know great communities begin with great schools.”

On the first issue of adding two new middle schools, voters approved in a 1,746 to 801 vote.

On the second initiative that would upgrade Central Elementary School to the tune of 47,303,000 dollars, the measure passed in a 1,649 to 745 vote. The other option was to dedicate a smaller amount of 35,803,000 dollars to the school.

Finally, the measure to add an additional tax in order to fund the current operating expenses, voters approved in a 1,661 to 862 vote.

You may recall that funding referendums recently failed in the Woodbridge and Indian River School Districts. The Indian River School District will hold a second referendum coming up on May 7.