Watch for Bogus Instagram Messages from State Sen. Ernie Lopez


In his weekly newsletter this week, State Senator Ernie Lopez says an inactive Instagram account of his has been spoofed and he’s warning about bogus messages being sent out in his name.

Dear Friends,
Well, it seems as though the goblins of Halloween are at work a little early as there is a Senator Ernesto B. López Instagram account that has been recently created that is a “spoof” and its author, messaging individuals under my name.
If you receive a message or a friend request from the following account:
please know that the account is ill intended and is not operated by myself or any member of my campaign. Do not respond to an inquiry from this account. We are aware that over 70 individuals have already “followed” the account. If you are one of those individuals, we suggest you remove yourself, block it, and report it.
There is a legitimate, but inactive, campaign account whose address/name is similar but ends in the last four digits of 1976. Yes, I am about to turn 44 years old in November. Much too old for this sort of nonsense!  With that said, I care about each of you a great deal and it concerns me if this individual would attempt to use my name to cause any sort of harm via social media.
The Delaware State Police have been notified of this situation and we hope to bring a successful resolution in a timely manner. Thank you for taking a moment to read this important message and feel free to share in order for greater awareness.
Have a safe and restful Friday evening and a blessed weekend.
Very truly yours,
Dr. Ernesto B. López
Senator, District 6