Weather Tower Comes to OC Coast, Despite Mayor’s Opposition

Plans are moving forward for the installation of an over 300 foot tall meteorological tower approximately 17 miles off the coast of Ocean City.

The U.S. Wind Offshore Wind Farm Project was the topic of a recent briefing attended by Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. The tower will be used to collect wind data in advance of the future installation of as many as 32 offshore wind turbines. Meehan and other town officials in Ocean City have been battling to have those turbines installed further offshore to reduce their visual impact.

Regarding this weather tower, the Mayor said he shares the concerns of many commercial fisherman about the pounding of pilings for the tower, especially this time of year. Mayor Meehan to Ocean City Today: “We just want this project 26-miles offshore and out of our viewshed,” he said. “We also want to make sure the promises made to those given industries are kept.”

U.S. wind officials say the installation of the meteorological tower will begin in mid-July and will require about 10 days for completion.