West Nile Virus Found in Sussex County in 2 Dead Crows


The first detection of West Nile Virus has been found in Delaware – in Sussex County.  DNREC’s Mosquito Control officials say a crow found in late June in the southwestern part of the county tested positive for West Nile Virus by the Public Health Lab – and a second crow from Sussex found 4 days later also tested positive.  Officials say the very wet spring caused a bumper crop of adult mosquitoes statewide – but the conditions were worse in Sussex County.  Extensive spraying has helped to reduce the mosquito numbers.

For more information about:

  •  Mosquito biology/ecology and control – Contact the Mosquito Control Section’s Dover office at 302-739-9917.
  •  Reporting WNV-suspect wild birds, or for requests for mosquito relief – For upstate areas from Dover north, contact Mosquito Control’s Glasgow field office at 302-836-2555; for downstate areas south of Dover, contact Mosquito Control’s Milford field office at 302-422-1512.
  •  WNV or EEE in humans and related medical issues – Contact the Delaware Division of Public Health at 888-295-5156.
  •  WNV or EEE in horses and equine vaccines – Contact the Department of Agriculture’s Poultry and Animal Health Section at 302-698-4500 or 800-282-8685 (Delaware only).
  •  For more information on West Nile virus or Eastern equine encephalitis – Visit the CDC website,www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/index.htm