Western Sussex Business Campus Proposed In Seaford


A tract of land on the northern side of Seaford will be developed into a business campus under a cooperative arrangement between the city, Sussex County, the State of Delaware and a private developer. Officials said the project has the proposal to attract new companies and create dozens of jobs while providing direct and indirect economic activity and increasing property values.

Sussex County Council voted Tuesday to be a partner in development of the new Western Sussex Business Campus off Herring Run Road and Ross Station Road. The land is close to the Seaford Industrial Park, and was purchased by the city in the 1990s. That initial purchase led to creation of the Ross Business Park.

Seaford would get assistance in paying for the necessary infrastructure improvements from Sussex County not to exceed $1.88-million. The city contribution would initially be $600,000, with more pending in the Fiscal Year ’22 budget.

A developer would buy half of the acreage and construct a 50,000-square-foot building within 18 months of a contract being approved.

“The City of Seaford has a clear vision on the possibilities of this property. We knew that without infrastructure, this would be slow going to attract businesses to consider us,” Seaford Mayor David Genshaw said. “Partnering with the county adds velocity to this vision of bringing good paying jobs to Seaford and Western Sussex.”

“We know that Western Sussex needs a boost when it comes to economic development, and people want to see results,” Sussex County Council President Michael Vincent added. “They need jobs. They want opportunity. A project like this has a lot of promise to deliver on those expectations for many years to come.”