WGMD Election Information – Polls Close at 8pm


Tuesday is Election Day across the country. Everyone who is a registered voter can cast a ballot for their chosen representatives – local, county, state and federal. It doesn’t matter what party you are affiliated with – only that you are registered to vote in your district.  The polls in Maryland and Delaware are open from 7am to 8pm.

If you need to know where your polling place is, what your sample ballot looks like, if your voting location is handicap accessible – click on this link – https://ivote.de.gov/voterlogin.aspx – and follow the prompts (you’re only required to enter your first and last name – or your basic address if you use the residence option).

click here if you are a Maryland resident – https://elections.maryland.gov/

If you want to know who is running for what office in Delaware – click here for the full listing of candidates and their races

Click here for the listing of Maryland candidates and most of the regional races

WGMD will begin election coverage at 8pm, after the polls close with information and analysis from Mike Bradley, Jake Smith and John Brady.