WGMD Fishing Report 10-13-18


Saturday was not a good day for fishing so let’s look at a few more ideas of what to expect once we can get back out on the ocean or bay.

Just before the storm, bluefin tuna were caught at the Hot Dog.  As the ocean water temperature begins to cool, bluefin and yellowfin will start their southern migration.  The inshore lumps like the Hot Dog, Massey’s Canyon and Tea Cup will attract tunas if the bait is there.  Chunking is very popular in the fall with trolling a close second.  The problem comes when trollers invade another boat’s chum slick.  Don’t do that.

Closer to shore, look for improved catches of false albacore, bonito and blues along the channel between B and A buoys and the Lightship Buoy.  These fish will hit spoons, plugs and bucktails trolled right in the wake or on the first wave off the stern.  Use small lures for the albacore and bonito and don’t be afraid to stop and cast with light tackle or fly rod to schools of breaking fish

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report