WGMD Fishing Report 10-19-19



Friday saw a drop in the wind speed with bright, sunny skies, but as far as I could tell, no boats fished the bay or ocean.  I did notice the Thelma Dale IV was not at her dock, but I did not receive a report from her other than they were going to fish for tog on Saturday.

I did drive to Herring Point late Friday afternoon and found only a very few trucks on the beach.  The water was pretty dirty and the surf was small due to the northwest wind.  Old Inlet Bait and Tackle told me the Inlet did produce some small tog and bluefish, but they had no report at all from the surf.

The water temperature keeps falling.  On Friday afternoon it was 64 at the Delaware Lightship Buoy and 59 degrees at Lewes.

The DNREC Fish and Wildlife Section has a new app for your Smartphone.  You can load it at FWTIP and then dial tip411 to text an anonymous message to report violations of game and fish regulations.  Poachers rob from those of us who obey the law.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.