WGMD Fishing Report 10-25-18


To the best of my knowledge, no boats fished the ocean or bay on Thursday.  I think a few charter and head boats will be out on Friday morning and get back in before the storm arrives.  Gale warnings are already up offshore and storm warnings will be posted on Friday afternoon for the bay and ocean inside 20 miles.  Saturday does not look good, but Sunday may be fishable.

Clark at Old Inlet Bait and Tackle said blues to 16 inches were caught from the inlet and the beach.  During the approaching storm, jetty fishing will be a hazardous occupation.  I know that sounds like a stupid thing to say, but we lose people from the jetty all too frequently.  Broken bones happen quite often and the number of scrapes and cuts are a daily occurrence.

Back in the day a friend of mine and I were caught out on the southside jetty by the incoming water and a big heave from the northeast.  Being young and stupid we let the waves wash us off the jetty and we swam ashore.  This was during the summer and the water was warm.  Just be careful.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report.