WGMD Fishing Report 10-25-19

Baker Petroleum

Thursday was a perfect day to go fishing and that’s exactly what I did.

Seven of us left the Fisherman’s Wharf Dock by 6:50 AM and headed out into the ocean on Captain Cary Evan’s boat Grizzly.  The target species of the day was black sea bass and we started catching them at out first stop and continued right up until 1:30 PM when we filled the boat limit.

Some places where we stopped produced more shorts than keepers and the captain did not linger there long.  Other stops gave up double headers with at least one keeper and sometimes two.  Those places we fished until the keepers ran out.

At one point I switched from a top-bottom rig baited with clam to a jig with a FishBites trailer.  It found no love from the sea bass.  I quickly went back to a top-bottom rig using the FishBites trailer cut in two with one half on each hook.  The sea bass loved those FishBites and they lasted the rest of the day.

Back at the dock around 3:30, fish cleaned and home for dinner by 4:30.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.