WGMD Fishing Report 10-27-20


Monday saw small craft advisories up and to the best of my knowledge no boats went out in the bay or ocean. Tuesday and Wednesday look fishable, but the end of the week may see the remnants of another hurricane.

The oil spill that was first reported at Broadkill Beach has spread as far south as the north side of Indian River Inlet and north to Slaughter Beach. As of Monday, the combined efforts of the Coast Guard and DNREC had removed 55 tons of contaminated sand and other material from Delaware beaches. Several birds have been covered with oil and turned over to the bird rescue people. Still no word on the source of the spill.

When my family would come to Rehoboth for our vacation in the 1940s and 50s we would always have to clean the oil off of our feet with kerosene after going to the beach. This oil came from the many tankers sunk by the Germans during WW II. You would also pick up creosote and nasty splinters from the boardwalk. My how times have changed.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing Report.