WGMD Fishing Report 10-7-18

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Sunday was a decent fishing day with good action in the bay and ocean.

The Saturday results of the DMS Surf Tournament had Mike Walker in first place with 103 points and Allison Stuart holding down first in the Women’s Division with 44 points.

In the Upper Bay, Patty at Captain Bones reported that Jeff Green caught a 10.98-pound catfish from Green’s Beach on a bunker chunk.  Over in the Nanticoke, Brian Smith had a blue catfish weighing 18.04 pounds on a Sassy Shad. 

Dan’s Tackle reported on Stephen Olinck’s 13.96-pound sheepshead caught off of one of the Delaware Bay Reef Sites.

Captain John Nedelka on the Karen Sue had a catch and release half-day trip landing and releasing four tog, two sea bass and one 12-pound drum that the mate kept.

Ken at Tiderunner’s Tackle said the Fisherman’s Wharf head boat ran 35 miles on Saturday for an excellent catch of sea bass.  Lighthouse View tackle said croaker and spot were caught on bloodworms from the pier.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report