WGMD Fishing Report 10-7-20


Tuesday was just a beautiful day with bright sunshine and light winds.  Small craft advisories are up for Wednesday and Thursday isn’t looking much better.

With such beautiful weather I had to go fishing so I traveled down to Indian River Inlet to catch the last of the incoming current.  When I arrived, there were three or four men fishing on the handicap pier which was kind of entertaining to watch.

I noticed the birds that usually feed under the bridge were not terns, but laughing gulls, an indication that catchable fish were feeding there.  Since there were several men fishing with bucktails and not catching, I rigged up a Stingsilver and shad dart and caught a shad.  Unfortunately, I broke off my original rig and by the time I retied the bite was over.  I didn’t see another fish caught.

Tommy at Lewes Harbour Marina said the Katydid had 135 sea bass, one flounder and one porgy.

At Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em Deanna told us one boat ran offshore and came back with a yellowfin tuna and 30 pounds of dolphin.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing Report.