WGMD Fishing Report 11-12-19


Monday was as nice a day as you will ever see in November.  It was also a holiday for many people who were off work to celebrate Veterans Day.  In spite of this, not a whole lot of folks went fishing.

I did see a nice catch of white perch on the cleaning table at Lewes Harbour Marina that Erik was rendering into filets.  I suspect they came from the Broadkill River.  Amanda said Darica Ward took over Third Place in the Lewes Harbour Marina Tog Tournament with a 6.52 pounder she caught at the Outer Wall.  Tommy told us the Katydid came in with 15 tog.

At Old Inlet Bait and Tackle the report was keeper trout caught from the jetty on jigs.  A white or yellow bucktail with a purple or black plastic worm is the usual offering for weakfish at the inlet.  Tog fishing continues to improve as more keepers are caught every day.  Sand fleas and green crabs remain the top baits.

The weather is going to go downhill fast over the next few days with small craft advisories and gale warnings.  Stay tuned.

 This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.