WGMD Fishing Report 11-13-20


Thursday saw small craft advisories up and no boats left Lewes or Indian River Inlet.  Advisories are up for Friday morning as what’s left of the hurricane passes by Delaware. 

Killens Pond is getting an elevated walkway along Killens Pond Road and the construction will begin on November 23 requiring the closure of the boat ramp until the work is completed in April of 2021.  Fishing will also be prohibited along the shoreline at Killens Pond Road.  As part of the construction, the boat ramp parking lot will be repaved.

Some other projects that will be undertaken in 2021 include the Wagamons Pond new boat ramp, bulkhead and paving, the repairs at the Massey’s Landing bulkhead and a new boat ramp at Records Pond.  These projects, and several others throughout the state, are paid for with Delaware general fishing license funds (25%) and matching money from the federal excise tax (75%) on fishing equipment.

This is Eric Burnley with you WGMD Fishing Report.