WGMD Fishing Report 11-14-19

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The weather wasn’t too bad on Wednesday and it looks good for Thursday and Friday, but from Saturday on through Monday it is going to be very bad so far as fishing is concerned.

I didn’t get a report from Lewes Harbour Marina because no one answered the phone and Lauren at Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em said no one went out of their marina.

Old Inlet Bait and Tackle reported on a very slow day with just a few folks buying sand fleas and green crabs for tog fishing at the inlet.  I guess the cold weather encouraged just about everybody to stay home or at work.  I don’t blame them.

We did get some exciting new from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  A new All Tackle World Record southern kingfish was caught on November 11.  Brett Jordan was the angler who landed the three-pound, one-ounce fish through the surf.  The new record replaces one that stood since 2002.  That two-pound, 13-ounce king was caught in Virginia Beach.  These fish are called sea mullet in North Carolina and Virginia.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.