WGMD Fishing Report 11-22-19


Thursday was decent with light winds and mild temperatures.

Captain Cary Evans on the Grizzly had a boat limit of tog for his six anglers.

I tried tog fishing at Indian River Inlet and didn’t do nearly as well.  I stopped by Old Inlet Bait and Tackle for a quart of green crabs and was assured that tog were being caught from the inlet.  When I arrived at the Inlet around 2:00 PM the current was rushing in and there were a number of boats hunting unicorns or trying to catch rockfish which is about the same thing in Delaware.  There were also several anglers lining both sides and most appeared to be fishing for tog.  A few were tossing bucktails for unicorns or rockfish.

I found a flat rock that appealed to my lack of balance and set up on it with my five-gallon bucket and spinning outfit.  After an hour and a half without a single bite and with my right leg asleep and my left knee locked up, I called it a day.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.