WGMD Fishing Report 11-4-20


I had hoped that someone would go out on Tuesday and at least fish the Outer Wall off of Lewes, but no one did or if the did, they didn’t report their success or failure to Lewes Harbour Marina.

No boats sailed from Indian River Marina according to Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em.

Old Inlet Bait and Tackle did say the tog fishermen at Indian River Inlet managed to cull a few keepers on sand fleas and green crab.

Believe it or not, but the rest of the week has seas of less than two feet. And they only grow to three feet over the weekend. Not only that, but air temperatures are going back up to 70 degrees.

That was the good news, and now the rest of the story as someone used to say. The water temperature has dropped into the 50s and this is going to put some fish off their feed. Being cold-blooded animals, their body temperature is the same as the water, so a sudden drop in water temperature gives them quite a shock.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report.