WGMD Fishing Report 12-6-18


Thursday saw cold and windy conditions and, to the best of my knowledge, no one went fishing.  I don’t want to encourage false hopes, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday look fishable on the bay and ocean including the surf.  Will there be any fish to catch?  We will have to go out there to answer that question.

Boaters looking for rockfish should begin at the rips between Cape May and Cape Henlopen then move up the New Jersey coast until they find some action.  If you can get a few friends with their own boats to play hop-scotch keeping in touch by cell phone you will all save a lot of time and fuel.  Trolling, jigging and drifting live eels could all produce the desired results.

Tog fishermen will find plenty of shorts at the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers so if you have a boat big enough and plenty of secret numbers I suggest you venture further offshore.  Small boat and no numbers; book a charter.

Surf fishermen should concentrate at the Point or Three Rs Road with fresh bunker.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report