WGMD Fishing Report – 2020 Final


This will be my last fishing report for 2020.  The fishing will continue when weather conditions permit, but with black sea bass closing on December 31 and cold and windy weather on more days that calm and warm, reports would be few and far between. 

Many charter boats are done for the year because paying for dock space and insurance is not cost effective when there are so few days that they can run.  A few will run all year along with some head boats.  They will both target tog.

Striped bass are still a possibility, but so far, they have been scarce.  As of Thursday, they were still off the North Jersey coast, although a few were caught out of Lewes and Indian River.

As for now, it looks like the regulations for bluefish and summer flounder will remain the same as we had in 2020.  Tilefish will also remain status quo.  We have yet to hear what the regulations will be for black sea bass.

No doubt 2020 was an unusual year.  Let’s hope this vaccine works and we can get back to our normal lives in 2021.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.