WGMD Fishing Report 3-11-19


Sunday was wet and warmer and, as I hoped, I did receive some reports from Saturday.

I spoke with Clark from Old Inlet Bait and Tackle and he said the only reports he has had all winter are scattered white and yellow perch out of the tidal creeks and rivers.  As if to verify this report I did get another from the Nanticoke River out of Sharptown, Maryland where 13 white perch, one yellow perch and a catfish were caught on grass shrimp from a boat.

Chris Huk and Mike Lewes were on the tog again catching and releasing two 14-pound class females then putting some smaller males in the box for dinner.

Down in North Carolina, the Waste Knot out of Pirate’s Cove brought back a 650-pound bluefin tuna.  Other boats from Oregon and Hatteras inlets have also recently caught bluefins as well as blackfin and some yellowfin tuna all winter.  The blackfin have been caught by jigging, a fun way to catch them when big sharks don’t spoil the day.

No rain until Friday, then a dry weekend.  Won’t that be a welcome change?

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report